A message from Fr. Bobby Jose Kattikad
The world needs a change. It needs more humanity, more compassion and more love.

Anjappam is such an initiative towards positive change. It is a charitable organisation that aims to be an agent of change in Kerala – a land that although called God's own country, is one that is rife with social inequality, especially when it comes to access to one of man's most primal needs - food.

A concept visualised by the renowned Fr. Bobby Jose Kattikad, Anjappam as a social collective effort aims to mitigate this social injustice by offering the marginalised sections with economic access to food.

The Idea
Anjappam is a food aid project in Kerala for the benefit of the economically backward and often forgotten section of Kerala's society, brought to life by the collective effort of a group of diverse people with a common goal of social betterment.

The primary offering of Anjappam is a chain of economical restaurants that are currently located within Pathanamthitta with plans to expand further.

During the day, the restaurants act as places where good, healthy meals are available at affordable prices and in the evenings, are transformed into reading spaces with libraries.

In a nutshell it is a way of enabling the poorer sections of our society with access to good food, clean eating space and an atmosphere for change and growth. Anjappam also strives to be partly self-sustainable which is why we offer the food at a cost, although minimal.

The trust has been formed & registered as a Charitable Society: ALP/TC/257/2016. The location for three such restaurants have been identified and finalized and we are set to begin.

The Vision
Anjappam primarily aims to be a self- sustainable organisation that aspires to serve the poor and marginalised people of our society by making accessible food for the body as well as mind.
Food for the body
This is intended to be achieved by opening economical restaurants where fresh, wholesome, healthy food and clean water shall be made accessible at low cost. Every visitor shall be welcomed regardless of race, sex, age, colour, state of origin, religious preference, disability or income. If necessary, Anjappam will also serve food free of cost, on a humanitarian case to case basis.

Food for the mind
Anjappam intends to facilitate recreation (Maansika Ullassam) for the marginalised sections by providing a safe, clean, uplifting environment for guests. In the evenings, after business hours, the food outlets of Anjappam shall be converted into dedicated space for reading, fellowship or meditation.

Other Services
When possible, with the aid of donations, Anjappam will also undertake campaigns where basic food packs are distributed free of cost to the homeless and other needy sections of society.

How can you support?
We need all the help we can get.
You can donate your :


Be a Volunteer. Serve a meal. Distribute food packs. Read out to the illiterate. You can find a hundred more ways to share your time.


Help us better our best. Be a part of the team.


Vehicles. Furniture. Vessels. Books. Non-perishable food items, Groceries, Fresh Vegetables. We'd appreciate every pinch of salt to every gram of grain we'd get.

Good word

Put in a good word for us with your friends & family, online and offline.


Last but not the least, donate the price of a day's meals or any amount shared from the bottom of your hearts.

Friends of Anjappam

Anjappam will be supported and facilitated by a community of friends (Appakootu) along with other supporters.

Be the change you
wish to see in the world
– Mahatma Gandhi.

Be a friend of Anjappam
- be the change!

Contact us
Head Office:

Anjappam, Erayannam Veettil, Maruthorvattom, P.O,
Cherthala, Kerala, India 688 539

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Operations Office:

Anjappam, Pulinilkunnathil House, Mallappuzhassery,
Karamveli P.O., Pathanamthitta, Kerala 689 643

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Phone number: 9446114789